Cody Estle ’11

Director. Risk-taker. Go-getter.

By taking risks and hustling hard, prolific director Cody Estle thrives in the Chicago theatre scene.

不卡在线观看_一区2区三区2019_高清私人电影院While still a student at Columbia College Chicago, Cody Estle jumpstarted his career by working as an assistant director around town. With encouragement from the college’s directing program, Cody directed two full-length productions before graduating. To market himself, he invited local artistic directors to performances of his plays—and those invitations ultimately led to professional directing opportunities.

Just a few years out of college, Cody has directed more than 15 plays and is the associate artistic director at Chicago’s Raven Theatre, where he has directed productions such as A Loss of Roses (named by Chicago Tribune honorable mention as one of the Year’s Best in 2016) and By the Water (named by Chicago Sun-Times honorable mention as one of the Top Theatre Productions of 2017.)

不卡在线观看_一区2区三区2019_高清私人电影院“Columbia gave me the tools and the resources to take that first step into the real world,” Cody says.